FAX    NUMBER 404-588-9568


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​​IT IS A WORK  supported by the generosity of a sympathetic public.  No remuneration is accepted from the patients or their families. Our homes are free provided the requirements are met.​ The sisters place their trust in the loving providence of God and that trust has never failed.  Donations large and small from groups and individuals have provided the necessary funds from the very begining.


760 POLLARD BLVD SW.      ATLANTA ,GA. 30315      PHONE 404-688-9515

760 POLLARD BLVD       ATLANTA ,GA. 30315           PHONE 404-688-9515

​​​IT IS THE HOPE  of the Sisters that their patients will feel welcome in an atmosphere of peace and warmth, where love, understanding and compassion prevail.

In the words of Mother Alphonsa" We must make our guests  as comfortable and happy as if their own people had kept them and put them into the very best bedroom, We must love them".


IT IS A HOME  established by the Hawthorne Dominicans for the care of incurable cancer patients without discrimination as to race, creed, or national origin. Seldom the destitute of Mother Alphonsa's day, they nevertheless are sufferers whose resources have been exhausted and who no longer have sufficient funds to provide for adequate nursing care.

"One soul is as fair and precious as another;there is no exception" Mother Alphonsa