In 1896 Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, convert daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne, left the luxury and ease of the intellectual society into which she was born for the poverty stricken society of cancer sufferers in the slums of New York.  With alice Huber, who soon joined her, she worked, nursed and suffered, sometimes almost beyond endurance, yet always with a firm trust in god and a deep interior peace.  slowly and with great difficulty their charitable work grew from four rooms on water street where three patients were accommodated, At the present we have three modern, fully equipped homes where many hundreds of Christ's poor are cared for until God welcomes them into His eternal kingdom.

     Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home was established in 1939. Originally the Hebrew Orphan's Home., it served for over thirty years as a spacious and comfortable haven for the many who came to spend their last days in peace and security.  But in time it had to be replaced and in 1973 the new home was dedicated, a monument to the generosity of a sympathetic public.  the sisters, whose legal title is Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer, continue to serve in the spirit of the two courageous women who gave all they had to God through the care of His cancer sufferers.

      Through the  liberality of the public, this home has not only brought relief to thousands but has been to them a real home in every sense of the word.

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Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne

Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima

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Alice Huber

(Mother Mary Rose)


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Our Foundress:

Rose Hawthorne

(Mother Mary Alphonsa)


     Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home, a skilled nursing facility operated by the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, is  dedicated to providing palliative care to persons afflicted with incurable cancer.  the home, supported solely by voluntary donations from the public, is a free home for those who cannot afford to pay for needed care.  No payments are accepted from patients or their families, or from third parties such as insurance companies or government agencies.

    As a Catholic Home, we respect the sanctity of life and the dignity of each human being. thus, the Home is operated according to "The Ethical and Religious directives for Catholic Health care Services" promulgated by the national Conference of Catholic Bishops, and euthanasia  and assisted suicide will never be practiced in the Home.

      We will proclaim the Gospel of Life "In every child which is born and in every person who lives or dies we see the image of God's glory.  We celebrate this glory in every human being, a sign of the living God, an icon of Jesus Christ."